Mutual Aid Vehicle Fire

Monday, September 22, 2014   At 0242 Stations 207, 114 (Braddock Hills), and 153 (Forest Hills) were dispatched for a reported vehicle fire at the intersection of Garfield and Wilkins Avenue in Braddock Hills. Moments later Braddock Hills PD on scene with a fully involved vehicle fire. 114 Engine on scene with a fully involved vehicle fire. Crew from 207 Engine assisted with extinguishment.

Command: 114 Chief (Brucker)

Units Working: 114 Engine, 207 Engine, 153 Engine



Mutual Aid Commercial Structure Fire

Saturday, September 13, 2014  Crews were dispatched to 2037 Monongahela Avenue at 1:28 pm for a report of an odor of something burning inside the building.  278 Engine 1 arrived on scene one minute later and initially reported “nothing showing” from a three-story multi-family and would be investigating.  278 Truck arrived at 1:30 pm.  After a preliminary size up, crews observed smoke coming from the side of the building at the roof area and were informed that there were people unaccounted for.  A second alarm was requested at 1:31 pm.  Crews searched the building for occupants and cleared the six apartment units, while other crews searched for the fire.  Based on initial observations, the fire was thought to be on third floor, however crews were unable to locate it.  After opening up ceilings and finding no fire, additional crews started checking below, from the basement up to the 2nd floor.

The fire was running the walls from the 2nd to the 3rd floor and through a hidden cockloft in the roof.  A third alarm was requested at 1:43 pm.  Once 278 Truck crews ventilated the roof, the fire quickly grew.

The fire began to forcefully vent out of the front of the building on the third floor and started to impinge high voltage power lines. Command evacuated the building and deployed elevated master streams from three aerials.  This was done to knock down the fire from the roof and third floor as well as protect the high power lines. 

A short while later, after the bulk of the fire on the front of the structure knocked down, crews regrouped and again began an interior attack.  Fire was found throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Additional companies were requested for fresh manpower.  Crews chased and extinguished the fire for several hours until finally being brought under control after about 3 hours.  Crews were on scene for nearly five and a half hours.

One civilian was treated at the scene as were three firefighters for minor injuries.  One firefighter sustained second and third degree burns and was treated and released from UPMC Mercy Hospital. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Allegheny County Fire Marshal’s Office.



North Braddock Community Days

Thursday, July 31, 2014  Its that time of year again for the North Braddock Community Days. Community Days will be July 31, August 1 & 2. Come on out and join us for food, fun, games, hayride, live music, parade and prizes. On Friday August 1st the band will be Tres Lads. On August 2nd there will be the annual firemans parade with the route going up Wolfe Avenue up to the field where community days will be held. At the conclusion of the parade The Igniters will perform.



Residential Structure Fire

Sunday, July 6, 2014  At 2136 Stations 207, 113 (Braddock), 153 (Forest Hills), and 135 (East McKeesport) were dispatched for a residential structure fire at 1911 Pallas Street in North Braddock. 207 Engine was on scene within minutes to find a working fire in the upstairs bedroom. An 1 3/4"  preconnect was stretched for fire extinguishment. Overhaul and salvage operations were performed. Utilites and Allegheny County Fire Marshal was notified for the investigation.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Operations: 207 Assistant (Rydzak)

Units Working: 207 Engine, 113 Engine, 153 Truck, 135 Rescue



Mutual Aid Dwelling Fire

Saturday, July 5, 2014  At 1613 Stations 207, 238 (Rankin), 113 (Braddock), 198 (Whitaker) were dispatched for a residential structure fire on North Holland Avenue in Rankin. As units were marking up PD on scene stating two houses were on fire. 113 EN on scene with two residential structures well involved. 113 EN secured a water supply at Mills Ave and North Holland. 207 EN secured a water supply at Second Street and Holland Avenue. Multiple handlines were put into operation. A second alarm was transmitted bringing stations 153 (Forest Hills), 204 (Munhall), 200 (Munhall), 135 (East McKaaesport). Extensive overhaul was perfomed.

Command: 238 Chief (Megley)

Units Working: 238 Engine, 113 Engine, 207 Engine, 298 Engine, 204 Truck, 200 Telesquirt, 135 Rescue, 293 Engine, 294 Engine



Vehicle Accident w/ Entrapment

Saturday, July 5, 2014  At 1905 Station 207 was dispatched to Electric Avenue offramp from Route 30 for a one vehicle accident with injuries. As units were calling enroute PD advised incoming units of entrapment and telephone pole and wires down. As units were arriving on scene to extricate the patient the vehicle was also on fire. Crews made a quick knock on the fire as well as a quick extrication. Utilities notifed to take care of the pole and wires down.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Units Working: 207 Rescue, Engine, Service, & Squad



Dwelling Fire

Monday, June 30, 2014  At 1724 Stations 207, 113 (Braddock), 153 (Forest Hills), and 135 (East McKeesport) were dispatched for a reported dwelling fire at 1135 Jones Avenue in North Braddock. Within minutes North Braddock PD on scene with a working fire. 207 EN on scene with a working fire and stretched an 1 3/4" precconect for fire extinguishment. 113 EN supplied 207 EN. Overhaul and salvage operations were performed. Utilities notified along with the Allegheny County Fire Marshal for the investigation.

Command: Jerome Sepesy

Units Working: 207 Engine, 113 Engine, 153 Engine & Truck, 135 Rescue




Monday, May 12, 2014  Joint training exercises between Forest Hills Fire Department and North Braddock Fire Department. Training consisted of hose line advancement, ladders, accountability and incident command.



Residential Dwelling Fire

Thursday, May 8, 2014  At 2157 Station 207 was dispatched for smoke in the area of Sixth Street. Moments later the alarm was updated to a residential structure fire multiple calls of a working dwelling fire on Benton Street. 207 Engine on scene secured a supply line with a two story structure heavy fire on the second divison. Crews made an interior attack and utilities were notified. Crews performed overhaul and Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Operations: 207 Assistant (Rydzak)

Units Working: 207 Engine, 113 Engine, 153 Engine & Truck, 135 Rescue



Commercial Structure Fire

Thursday, March 13, 2014  At 1538 Stations 302 (Wilkins), 303 (Wilkins) and 122 (Churchill) were dispatched for smoke coming out of an apartment building on Briaridge Drive in Wilkins Township. PD on scene with smoke showing. A water supply was established and multiple handlines were stretched. A second alarm was dispatched bringing stations 207, 113 (Braddock), 153 (Forest Hills), 230 (Pitcairn). Crews worked on fire extinguishment and overhaul. Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

Command: 302 Chief (Romanelli)

Units Working: 302 Engine, 122 Engine, 303 Truck, 304 Engine, 283 Truck, 207 Engine, 113 Engine, 153 Truck, 230 Engine



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