Commercial Structure Fire

Thursday, March 13, 2014  At 1538 Stations 302 (Wilkins), 303 (Wilkins) and 122 (Churchill) were dispatched for smoke coming out of an apartment building on Briaridge Drive in Wilkins Township. PD on scene with smoke showing. A water supply was established and multiple handlines were stretched. A second alarm was dispatched bringing stations 207, 113 (Braddock), 153 (Forest Hills), 230 (Pitcairn). Crews worked on fire extinguishment and overhaul. Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

Command: 302 Chief (Romanelli)

Units Working: 302 Engine, 122 Engine, 303 Truck, 304 Engine, 283 Truck, 207 Engine, 113 Engine, 153 Truck, 230 Engine



2nd Alarm Dwelling Fire

Monday, March 10, 2014  At 1630 Stations 122 (Churchill), 153 (Forest Hills), 302 (Wilkins), 303 (Wilkins) were alerted for a house fire on Beaulah Road in Churchill. PD on scene within minutes reporting heavy smoke showing. 153 Engine secured a water supply and stretched a preconnect for fire extinguishment. A second alarm was dispatched bringing stations 304 (Wilkins), 207, 225 (Penn Hills), 135 (East McKeesport). Crews checked for extension with negative results. Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

Command: 122 Chief

Units Working: 122 Engine & Rescue, 153 Engine & Truck, 302 Engine, 303 Truck, 304 Engine, 207 Engine, 225 Truck, 135 Rescue



Residential Structure Fire

Saturday, March 1, 2014  At 2331 stations 136 (East Pittsburgh) and 113 (Braddock) were dispatched for a residential structure fire on Center Street in East Pittsburgh. PD on scene moments later with heavy fire showing.113 and 136 Engines on scene with three structures involved and requested a second alarm bringing stations 153 (Forest Hills), 207, 283 (Turtle Creek), 302 (Wilkins #1). 113 and 136 secured a water supply in the front of the structure and 207 Engine secured a water supply into the rear of the structure. ACFM notified for the investigation.

Command: 136 Chief (Geric)

Units on scene: 136 Engine, 113 Engine & Rescue, 153 Engine & Truck, 207 Engine, 283 Engine, 302 Engine, 303 Truck



Commercial Structure Fire

Monday, January 27, 2014   At 1137 Stations 283 (Turtle Creek), 213 (North Versailles), 193 (Monroeville), 192 (Monroeville), 230 (Pitcairn), and 302 (Wilkins Twp) were dispatched to a commercial structure fire at 446 Kenyon Street in Turtle Creek. Moments later a second alarm was dispatched bringing Stations 207, 229 (Pitcairn), 214 (North Versailles), and 171 (Homestead). Crews stretched multiple handlines into operation for fire extinguishment. Crews performed extensive overhaul. 

Command: 283 Chief (Osman)

Units Working: 283 Engine, 213 Rescue, 214 Truck, 193 Engine, 192 Truck, 230 Engine, 302 Service, 229 Engine, 207 Engine, and 171 Squad



Dwelling Fire

Sunday, January 12, 2014   Stations 207, 113 (Braddock), 153 (Forest Hills), 135 (East McKeesport) we're dispatched to a possible basement fire on Lobinger Avenue. 207 Engine arrived on scene to find a working basement fire spreading throughout the structures thru the walls. 207 Engine secured a water supply and multiple hand lines were stretched for fire extinguishment. All utilities were notified along with the Allegheny County Fire Marshal for the investigation.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Units Responding: 207 Engine & Rescue, 113 Engine & Rescue, 153 Engine & Truck, 135 Rescue, 278 Engines 1 & 2, 171 Engine



Vehicle Fire

Thursday, September 19, 2013  At 1058 Station 207 was alerted for a vehicle fire at the corner of Franklin and Robinson Streets.  207 Engine 2 first unit on scene found an engine compartment fire on a pickup truck.  Crew stretched an 1 3/4" preconnect for extinguishment.  NBPD awaited a tow and all units cleared the scene.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Units Working: 207 Engines 1 & 2 



Vehicle into a structure

Tuesday, August 20, 2013  At 1834 Stations 207 and 113 (Braddock) were dispatched to the 700 block of Oconnell Boulevard for a vehicle accident vehicle into a structure with unknown injuries. 207 Rescue arrived and found a structure damaged and a gas meter sheared off with no injuries. Code enforcement was notified along with the utilities secured to the structure.

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)

Units Working: 207 Rescue, Squad & Service, 113 Engine & Rescue 



MVA Assist

Saturday, August 17, 2013  At 2309 Station 207, 114 (Braddock Hills), and 153 (Forest Hills) were dispatched for a vehicle accident with a vehicle on its side with possible entrapment. As units were marking up county advised that there was no entrapment. 153 Rescue and 207 Rescue remained on scene to assist the tow company.

Units Working: 207 Rescue, Engine & Squad, 153 Rescue

Command: 153 Captain (Henkel) 



Vehicle Accident w/ Multiple Injuries

Thursday, July 11, 2013   At 2056 Stations 207 and 153 (Forest Hills) were dispatched for a vehicle accident into a telephone pole with people hit by the car. Upon arrival of 207 Engine found two patients laying on the ground with multiple injuries. Priority One EMS transported both patients to a local hospital. 207 Engine remained on scene for lighting.

Units Working: 207 Engine, Service & Squad, 153 Rescue

Command: 207 Chief (Rydzak)



Mutual Aid Residential Structure Fire

Friday, May 31, 2013  At 0942 Stations 207, 238 (Rankin), 113 (Braddock) and 298 (Whitaker) were dispatched to a working residential structure fire 29 Holland Avenue in Rankin. 238 Engine and 113 Engine were first on scene securing a water supply. Crews stretched multiple handlines from 2388 Engine and 113 Engine for fire extinguishment. While operating command requested 204 (Munhall), 153 (Forest Hills), and 135 RIT (East McKeesport). Crews brought the fire under control within an hour. Crews remained on scene for a while checking for hot spots. The Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating.

Command: 113 Chief (Petrovic)

Units Working: 238 Engine, 113 Engine, 207 Engine, 298 Engine, 153 Truck, 204 Truck, 135 Rescue 



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